About Us

Kemuliaan Hidup Indonesia was established on April 14th, 2014. Our company is a medium-sized enterprise which specialized in exporting and retailing home products made of recycled materials also Natural Fiber as we are very much concern in preserving our environment. We believe that by creating eco-friendly products should be the sole responsibility and duty for all entrepreneurs. What we take from Mother Nature, should not go un-waste.

The meaning of our company Kemuliaan – Diginity, Hidup – Life, Indonesia – the  country I live and work; derives from my own belief that one should live with dignity, share the dignity to live modestly with others and upholding the spirit of togetherness. That is why I believe that there should be equality when partnering with artisans, business partners and clients. We are a wholesome synergy in the business venture.

Prior to having my own business, I was fortunate to gain working experiences in a banking institution for more than 3 years and held a good position for more than 10 years at an export  company. There was a turning point in my life that I needed to make more of my life and should also help others in order to have a balanced life. We cannot be selfish on this earth; there are many ways we can help others  that they too can live in dignity.

With more than two decades of professional time, it had helped me to establish my business. By God grace, I met  a business partner in Solo, Central Java who has become my main source of wasted textiles for my products and shared passion for being environmental conscious.

In Yogyakarta city’s rural villages, I met many women who were struggling to make ends meet with their life as a single parent, a wife who needed to contribute for the family income and even elementary drop-out girls. These women did not have the opportunity to receive any assistance nor were equipped with skill education but they had the willingness to work. Working with these women has challenging and rewarding at the same time. Challenging is when teaching them a new skill work, and encouraging them to be meticulous and attentive to details when creating a product for international buyers. Rewarding is when these women can earn their own income and become independent from others. It is my wish that I can work with other women from other islands of Indonesia.

Our product brand is named La Vida HOME which is a combination of the Spanish and English language. I chose those beautiful words out of respect to my previous Spanish client who had many small shops around Spain and envisioned Spanish products should be available in and outside Spain. That gave me the inspirational vision for my company that we should trade high-quality Indonesian handicrafts to the international market with exceptional international flair. Being a responsible entrepreneur, consciously to reuse material waste, inorder to create eco-friendly products, we always strive to find various raw material of high-quality. The selection for our main raw materials as follows:

  1. Natural fibers such as water hyacinth, woven grass, banana bark, mending ( Poacea ) or processed   pandanus leaves or reed
  1. Reclaimed wood  which we sources from various locations like old train stations, old houses
  2. Recycled textile
  3. Recycled packaging.

Our Home Accessories Collection consist of storage items such as basket & box, kitchen accessories such as placemats, coasters, napkin rings, serving trays and platters and from the wood furniture collection series: stool and various decorative home accessories and candleholder.

All our products are made in our workshops which are located in the rural villages in Yogyakarta, consisting of about 500 artisans with 5-6 head stations supervising the production line. We take pride in conducting internal quality control system by checking each piece of product, not by random system. The quality control starts from upon receiving all raw materials until the final production. We take pride in this method as to ensure the best quality from each product to satisfy the client’s needs. Also we do finishing and treatment for each products before shipment in our warehouse.

Export Line

We are proud to have exported our products to Australia, Canada, Israel, Germany, France and The Netherlands, of which a minimal 2 containers per 2 months are shipped to our various global clients. We do not intend to stop with the existing clients and aim to pursue other potential market. We have made a sound decision to export to European and America markets as the appreciation for high-quality recycled based product with above the middle price range is high. We are looking into entering the Japanese and the Korean market soon.


Kemang Timur Raya 58 R, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

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